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Kevin and Belinda Humphreys are passionate about the growth of the forestry, agricultural and rural fire industries and take great pride to provide quality operational services, safe practices and effectiveness.

The Humphreys name is synonymous with working hard and getting the job done! It has been over 25 years of operational services that the Humphreys have had in the forestry, agricultural and rural fire industry.

GPFS are known for the array of operational services they can provide to the Hawkes Bay Region and the skillset they hold to get the job done effectively, as well as maintaining quality to ensure productivity is optimized and always working smarter.

Following through with the quality of operational services GPFS provides, is shown in Kevin’s qualification scope and his experiences in the large array of operational services. To uphold the quality GPFS provides, it was imperative to continuously upskill our contractors and to maintain effectiveness and upskilling while our team worked, preparing them onsite, which led to Kevin becoming a Competenz Assessor.

GPFS are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our workers, visitors and all persons using the premises as a place of work. Alongside Health and Safety, GPFS are committed to support sustainable forest management. GPFS Ltd will work alongside landowners and other stakeholders to achieve continual improvement to both health and safety best practices, operational services and environmental performance. It is also important to reflect and uphold GPFS responsibilities with our workers.

Everyone involved with Kevin and Belinda are part of the GPFS whanau, whether it be our peers or workers, they are seen as a large group of like-minded people passionate about what GPFS are working towards, collectively, achieving a common goal of developing the growth in forestry, to provide effective quality services and trained specialists in our sector.
Both are well respected within the forestry industry by staff, contractors and workers alike. Even though GPFS is continuously in high demand they are more than happy to help and support with any projects, or to offer suggestions of alternatives or working theories to maximise effective solutions.

Maintaining professionalism is integral to maintaining quality and effective practices in the vast operational services we provide. These attributes are not only ingrained in our team, but expected!

We are members of:

Fire and Emergency New Zealand | Forest Industry Contractors Association | New Zealand Biosecurity Institute | New Zealand Deerstalkers Association | Rural Contractors New Zealand | Fencing Contractors New Zealand | Federated Farmers of New Zealand

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