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Controlling Plant Pests across Hawke’s Bay

Your land is important. You invest time and money in tending your crops and your livestock. You don’t want invasive or noxious weeds to come between you and healthy harvests or animals.

General and Protection Forestry Services have the skills and manpower you need to identify, control, and eradicate plant pests and problem weeds taking their toll on your land. Our prevention plans make it easier to keep your land clear of problem weeds.

Wherever you’re based in the Hawke’s Bay region, we can come to you. It’s easier than you think to get rid of noxious weeds when you call the experts.

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There are a wide variety of problem weeds in New Zealand, many of which you are required to remove from your property if you are a landowner – others that you will certainly not want to have around.

A problem weed or plant pest causes damage to your land, your crop and your livestock. Speed is an important aspect of control. Removing pest plants before they have the chance to seed, spread or disperse, can dramatically increase your chances of eradicating them.

The first step in weed prevention is understanding where the potential problems lie. Take a look at some of the problem weeds we battle across Hawke’s Bay here. Our team are experts at identifying weeds and knowing what risk they present to your land, your crops and your livestock.

We begin any programme of plant pest control by visiting your property and assessing the risk. You may have already identified a plant pest problem, or you may want us to walk your land and see what we can find.

Either way, our hands on approach ensures we know exactly what we’re dealing with and we can help you put a smart plan in place to remove weeds from your land.

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Once we’ve identified the problem, we can help you by outlining the solution. Our plant pest control plans take into consideration how to remove your weeds and how to prevent them from coming back.

Different plants adopt different strategies to ensure they spread and grow. We vary our tactics for control and removal to recognise the characteristics of each weed that we’re attacking. Our experience and knowledge allow us to pick the right solution to remove problem plants and minimise the risk of them returning.

Once we’ve identified the weeds on your property and we have formulated a plan to get rid of them, we’ll put the plan into action. Our team are highly skilled in the use of Agrichemicals and we will destroy and contain the weeds on your land, taking every step possible to reduce the risk of spread. This includes removing weeds from your property and destroying them carefully.

Where chemicals are used, health and safety is always our first concern. We take time and care to ensure chemicals are handled carefully and there is no risk to you, your workers or your land.

Once problem weeds take hold they can be hard to remove. One of the best ways to prevent a problem is to be aware of what young plants look like and take action fast.

Take a look at this easy to use Guide to Problem Weeds. Call us straight away if you have any of these weeds on your property and you need help to remove them.

Regular visits from our team can help you to spot pest plants and keep them under control before they become a problem. Investing in prevention of weeds can protect the value of your crop and your livestock.

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Using the right tool for pest control makes it possible to get the best results with the least impact on your land. We understand which chemical is right to eradicate each problem plant, and even when chemicals don’t offer the right solution. The result is that we make it possible to minimise the use of agrichemicals on your land.

Our team are Growsafe certified and trained to handle chemicals safely and effectively.

We invest time and money in hygiene because it’s vital to protect Hawke’s Bay.

Problem weeds don’t pass by an opportunity to spread. Before and after every job we undertake a complete clean of all of our vehicles, equipment and protective clothing. This helps us to ensure that no weeds are spread from your property and we do not bring any weeds or plant matter onto your property either.

Our Estate Management service allows you to benefit from the full breadth of our experience. From establishment to pest control, fire prevention and silviculture. If you’re investing in forestry then our Estate Management services help you to enjoy the best returns.

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Plant pests can quickly cover the ground. If your forest floors or margins are not clear, you could be putting your property at risk of rapid fire spread and increased risk of danger. As your local Rural Fire support, our team are more than qualified to help you combine Plant Pest Control and Fire Safety.

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Plant pests in your property can generate issues by out-competing other plants, such as your investments in your woodlots, native plantation, pasture grasses and extend through to causing damage and harm to your stock.

For more information about Pests in the Hawkes Bay Region, please visit the HBRC pest hub:

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