Investing in silviculture can lead to a higher yield from your forestry block when it’s time to fell your trees. The right care and attention could be the difference between selling your trees for pulp or pocketing a premium.

General and Protection Forestry Services use our silviculture expertise to nurture and grow strong trees, so you can maximise your return on investment. From the care we take to establish your trees correctly, right through to our pruning and thinning services. Our expertise delivers real results.

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Silviculture that meets your needs

Our silviculture service begins in consultation with you, as we understand exactly what you want us to deliver. We offer a wide range of services that have been designed to make it easier for you to enjoy the highest yield from your forestry block.

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We invest time and energy in preparing your land and giving your young trees the best start. We’ve been working in silviculture since 1997. We understand the Hawke’s Bay climate and exactly what your block needs to deliver a high yield.

Our focus is on delivering strong saplings, reducing competition from plant and animal pests, and helping you to keep your forestry block safe from fire. The result is a high yielding crop that’s had a great start and is therefore more likely to deliver a high yield.

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We recommend pruning your pine trees. This is to allow them to focus their energy on the leader branches, resulting in a taller, sturdier tree. Investment in correct pruning at the right age helps to ensure a higher quality of tree at the end of its life. When you contact us to organise pruning, we’ll visit your forestry block and help you understand the right timing for the best results.

Our focus at every stage of the process is on safety and quality. We work efficiently across your forestry block to cut and clear as required, with the support of our fire crew and a focus on the safety of our team. 

As part of our General and Protection Forestry Services silviculture service, we recommend thinning of pine blocks. Thinning ensures that your forestry block is rich in strong, straight trees with thicker trunks and a higher potential yield. We will work with you to understand how you want to utilise your harvest, then we can recommend the right thinning strategy to suit your block.

Tree thinning is dangerous work. Our focus on health and safety ensures that our team stays safe and gets the job done without injury or incident.

Protecting your forestry block for the highest yield is not just about planting and pruning. Preventing damage from animal pests can help you to protect your trees and ensure that bark, new shoots or roots are not damaged. Removing competition from plant pests can improve growth and reduce the risk of fire.

Find out more about our Plant Pest Control and Animal Pest Control services.

Ensuring your block is fire-safe protects your land, your forestry and could potentially save lives. As your local Hawke’s Bay Rural Fire representatives, our team are able to quickly and easily help you to identify and implement the necessary changes to ensure your block has the maximum protection from fire damage.

From creating and maintaining fire breaks to clearing pest plants between trees that could allow fire to spread rapidly. General and Protection Forestry Services have the expertise you need to grow and protect your forestry block.

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