Rural Fire

Your local experts in rural fire prevention and management

We take fire seriously. As your local experts we are fully trained and experienced in preventing and preparing for rural fires. That means you can rely on us to identify the risks on your land and put robust plans in place to protect you, your land, your crop, your livestock and the surrounding countryside.

The idea of dealing with a fire is very different to tackling the real thing. We train teams and individuals so they know how to act when there is a real rural fire.

Training gives your staff the knowledge they need to react effectively to forest and farm fires. The right training ensures you know how to act quickly and safely to minimise fire damage and protect people and animals and prevent crop or property damage.

If you need to carry out a controlled burn on your property or need supervision for other activities, our crew are available to help you manage fire safely. We can help you establish water holding sites in streams or construct dams to allow you to have access to the water you need. We also issue permits and can help you to maintain and manage your fire equipment so you know you have the right tools to fight fire effectively.

Fire season runs every year from 1 October through to Easter Weekend. During this time, General and Protection Forestry Services are your Rural Fire Support team, keeping the fire alert level signage up-to-date and providing Fire Assistance to landowners across the Hawke’s Bay region.

We’re your first responders in case of rural fire. Our team are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need us, we’ll dispatch our fire team and quickly move to suppress the fire, attacking and resolving hot spots and co-ordinating a full response.

Do you need help to protect your property from fire?

General and Protection Forestry Services can help you to plan for fire and ensure you have the tools you need to stay safe and protect your property.

Contact us today.

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