Effective planting of your trees from the ground up

When you invest in trees, you need to know they have been given the right conditions for growth. We’ve been establishing forestry across Hawke’s Bay since 1997. The experience we bring to the job gives us the ability to combine efficiency and effectiveness: the recipe you need for strong growth and great results.

Pine Forest Establishment

We manage and deliver all elements of Pine forest establishment across Hawke’s Bay. Our focus is on delivering the best growth and survival rates so you can protect your investment in new trees. Whether you’re establishing full blocks, trial blocks or you need to replace blocks that have been damaged by fire or slip. We can source, match, transport and plant your young trees.

General and Protection Forestry Services prepare your land for planting so you can enjoy the best results.

Our land preparation service covers the Hawke’s Bay region, is comprehensive, and includes:

  • Aerial weed eradication or fertiliser spray programmes
  • Animal pest control and prevention programmes, including Fencing [link to Fencing page] where required
  • Plant pest control and prevention programmes, and spot spraying weeds prior to planting
  • Earthworks capabilities, where access or clearing is required to establish the forest
  • Rural Fire support.

Ensuring your trees have the nutrients they need to grow can help you to increase the value of your crop and protect your return on investment. As well as planting fertiliser tablets with each sapling, we also offer a soil testing service (on request) as part of our land preparation process.

We can either provide or manage a crew to plant your pine trees effectively and efficiently. Our focus is on keeping your costs down without negatively impacting the revenue you can make from your trees. We plant with care and fertilise every young tree to ensure they have the nutrients they need to grow strong and deliver maximum yields.

If you lose a section of your Pine Forest to a fire or slip, we can replace it. Don’t add complexity to your harvest by replanting with young saplings. We can match the age of your planting to the surrounding trees, allowing you to enjoy economies of scale when it’s time to harvest.

Trial block establishment requires attention to detail and exact delivery to plan. We are here to help. We deliver space specific plantings so you can be sure your trial will be valid and your results will give you the information you need.

Contact us today to find out more about Trial Block establishment.

Native Tree Establishment

When you choose to plant native trees on your property we recognise the investment you are making in both your trees and your land. We can help you to transport and establish Native Trees across the Hawke’s Bay region.

Native trees don’t just look beautiful; they are also an effective land management tool.

Whether you’re planting for shelter; to prevent soil erosion; to create a habitat; or to protect waterways: our team can help you to choose the right Native Tree to match your environment and your goals. Our aim is to make investment in Native Trees easier.

Book your appointment today and we’ll come to you, wherever you’re located in Hawke’s Bay.

If you want your Native Trees to thrive, you need to remove any surrounding competition. Competition could come in the form of grass or weeds on the surface of the soil, Animal Pests who are ready to snack on young saplings, or livestock who need to be separated from new plantings.

General and Protection Forestry Services can prepare your land for planting by spot or blanket spraying for weed control, fencing where needed, and introducing a pest control programme to protect your young plants.

We help landowners across Hawke’s Bay to enjoy the benefits that come from planting Native Trees. As part of our service we offer free transportation of your trees across the region, so you can choose the best natives for your land.

Whether we’re managing your team or we bring our own, General and Protection Forestry Services combine experience and efficiency to ensure your Native Trees get the head start they need.

Each Native Tree is planted with care, and fertilised to ensure they get the nutrients they need to thrive. Mulching and staking of Natives is also available on request.

Book your consultation with our team today and we can build the best establishment programme for your native trees.

Contact our team today

We’re ready to help you with establishment or any other aspect of Forestry Management. Contact us today and let’s work together to make your land productive.

Care for your planting across their lifetime with our Estate Management service. Relax and know we’ll take care of it – from establishment and pest control to silviculture and rural fire safety. Our Estate Management service is a complete solution where we take care of your land, wherever you’re located in Hawke’s Bay.

If you are establishing trees on your land, it’s important to make sure you plan for fire safety from the start. Because General and Protection Forestry Services are also your Rural Fire experts, we can help you manage your plantings to be safe.

Find out more about our Rural Fire Service today.

Fencing is an essential part of forestry establishment. Without the right fencing solutions in place, your forestry block or native planting is exposed to damage from livestock, pests and – in some cases – humans. Protect the investment you make in your planting and ask us about fencing solutions today.

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