Health and safety


Across all aspects of our work we ensure that we provide competent and highly skilled and trained people to your landholdings. You can be assured that all practicable steps have been put into place for all of our people to hold the knowledge they need to work safely while operating on your land. If we are working with your team, we ensure that they too have this expectation prior to completing that operation, to have the skills and operational plan to stay safe.

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We know that time is important and we arrive prepared because we value yours. We carry out onsite training to make sure everyone remembers to put safety first and take care of the team. Everyone is fully trained either before we arrive or onsite before they begin to work.

We put the measures needed in place to ensure we’re sticking to the guidelines and taking care of everyone. Because we’re focused on safety you can relax and know we’ve got this.

As well as understanding our WorkSafe requirements, we’re also fully insured. We protect our people, your people and your land. Our expertise extends to all areas of our business. We know what we’re doing and that means we’re prepared for everything.

We understand which areas of our business are dangerous and we manage that danger with the right training, correct certification, and a focus on taking care.

Our team have completed the necessary training to handle firearms and they understand the importance of safety at all times. Firearms are an important part of our Animal Pest Control programme.

Agrichemicals need to be handled with care and our team are Growsafe Certified. We know which chemicals to use to deal with different types of plant pest, the correct quantities to use, and how to handle them effectively so everyone stays safe. Agrichemicals are an important part of our Plant Pest Control Programme.

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