Agrichemical Handling

General and Protection Forestry Services are your experts when it comes to protecting your forestry block or native planting from weeds and plant pests with the help of agrichemicals. Our team are Growsafe certified and understand the importance of careful handling and use of agrichemicals.

Our team understand the weeds and plant pests you get on your property. One of the most important aspects of agrichemical handling is understanding the right chemical for the job. We know which plant pests are harder to get rid of and which we can treat with a smaller dose. Our expert knowledge allows us to deliver effective spray programmes that get rid of plant pests and weeds while minimising the use of agrichemicals.

Protecting your land and our team requires us to know how to carefully handle, mix, spray and dispose of Agrichemicals. We follow the rules and regulations to the letter and we never cut corners when it comes to health and safety. Trust the team at General and Protection Forestry Services to safely protect your land from weeds.

When you need to control plant pests across large areas of land, aerial spraying is the most cost effective solution. We have the equipment you need to control plant pests effectively on your block of land, giving the new plants you introduce the best start possible.

Contact us today and find out more about our aerial plant control programmes.

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