Our People

Tauheretia ngā taukaea e mahia ai te mahi -
Making the connections to get the job achieved.


Kevin Humphreys

Director | Operator | Trainer | Assessor

A love of the outdoors Kevin will be either out Hunting, fishing or out in the field. With over 25 year of experience in the forestry, agricultural and rural fire industries.

Kevin is passionate to not only provide our clients with quality and effective operational services, but to support the training and development of the workforce involved in our industries.

NZ Firearms | NZ Drivers Class 1, 2 (WTR) | Control Substance endorsements: Potassium Cyanide, Sodium Cyanide, Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080)

Current Certifications:
Growsafe | First Aid


Belinda Humphreys

Director | Administration | Trainer | Mother of Four

Coming from an educational and health and safety background, Belinda is passionate for the development and implementation of safe and effective practices in the forestry and agricultural industry.

To support the seasonal workloads of our landowners, we have an array of seasonal contractors
which become available to support our services with their expertise.

Ground Up Forestry Training
and Development Ltd.

Operation Crew | Apprentice Crew

GPFS Train, Assess and Supervise the Ground Up Forestry Crew in their journey to support and become highly skilled and qualified workers for the forestry, agriculture and rural fire industries.

Past or Current Contractors

One of the best things about working for GPFS is the variety of work and training we receive. There are always new things happening which keeps us entertained and on our toes, there are always new things to learn and do to further develop our skill sets!

The family oriented business makes it easy and enjoyable to work for!

The nature of the work isn’t always easy, there are both easy and hard jobs to do. Some of the biggest challenges were pushing through a tough job or coming up with a way to do things to solve a problem.

I have learnt a lot of new skills while working with GPFS, they have trained me up in any area I wanted to develop in and pushed me to develop myself.

Being able to work outdoors in a good team learning the skills needed to progress yourself to the next level. Kevin is a good teacher and doesn’t leave out any information that you’ll need to learn. Being able to make a difference too was one of the best things about working with GPFS; this was mainly planting native plants and being able to create a good habitat for animals if in the future animals were to live there.

Walking up and down hills constantly but it is something you will adapt to. Also being able to keep track with the invoicing as there is a wide range of jobs that you do which is good because it keeps you on your feet and interested in the work. Time management is a skill that you’ll learn because you’ll need to keep an invoice going.

That planting isn’t just planting. There is a heap to do with planting from spraying to how to plant a plant correctly, isn’t just a hole in the ground. Also what goes into keeping a forest alive and well to be able to get a good harvest. Also I loved learning about fencing and how to do it. When it comes to pest control I didn’t know how many plants were not good plants. Once learning some of these you’re forever looking to see if you can see any around.

My favourite job was the fire service. Learned a heap about how a fire works from before it ignites to the type of flame and how it spreads. You learn how to put it out also then how to aid for keeping the fire extinguished.


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