Estate Management

With our complete package of services, we take the hard work out of managing your estate and get it done for you. From planting and establishment to management, pest control, fire management and fencing. We manage every aspect of your forest so you can benefit from the best profit from your crop.

Whether you’re establishing forest for the first time or clearing and planting existing forestry. From preparation to planting our team have got your needs covered.

Find out more about our Establishment Services.

Getting the best value from your forestry means taking care of your plants throughout the growing cycle. Our Silviculture Service ensures your trees are pruned and thinned to deliver the best yield when it’s time to harvest.

Clearing plant pests from your land gives your trees the space they need to grow and also protects other crops that form part of your estate. Plant pests need to be kept under control at all times or they can impact your productivity and your livestock. 

Our Plant Pest Control service is a complete package – allowing you to identify, destroy and implement an ongoing control programme to ensure plant pests are not a problem on your land.

Animal pests can quickly damage your crop and your trees, and impact the profit you can get from investing in your land. Our expertise spans all aspects of Animal Pest Control, from eradicating pests with poison or guns to tracking and monitoring your land in order to spot the early signs of pests moving in as your forest grows.

We work with you to keep a close watch on your trees, protecting your investment and your returns.

As your rural fire safety experts we’re well placed to make sure your forestry is fire safe and you have the right protection in place for the dry months of the year. From establishing water reserves to providing the right equipment to address fires fast, we can help you assess the risk and put plans in place to protect your forest.

Find out about our Rural Fire Management services.

We have the right equipment to get the job done. That means we can give you access to your land, move dirt and manage fire resources so you don’t need to worry about hiring anyone else. 

If you need roads built to access your forestry block or excavation completed to create water reserves, our team can help you to identify and plan the best way to do it then carry out the work you need.

Find out more about our Earthworks services.

Fencing is an important part of every forestry project, allowing you to establish your boundaries and protect your crops from pests and movement across the land. Our team are quick and efficient and putting in fencing that meets your needs while minimising the costs.

Explore our fencing service.

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Are you looking for a complete package that allows you to convert your land to forestry and deliver a profit, without taking up all of your time? Our Estate Management service gives you the chance to oversee your land without having to commit all of your time to growing your forest. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your forestry is well looked after and your profit is protected.

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